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Louise Manureva Barbé

In ten years of traveling and creating all over the world, Louise Manureva Barbé always found herself pleasantly "stuck" in places where textiles, colours and art sat at a culture's core.
From Latin America to Asia and Africa, the fascination for bold colors and designs accompanied her through every intense step, and bright story. LamitaLouise was born.
It comes as no surprise that the unique pieces in the "LAMITALOUISE" collections are bright, bold and intense.
"As your interior is very personal, adding a decoration or furniture piece holds the same sentiment as buying a piece of jewellery. The moment you lay eyes on it, the heart lights up and you just know it has always been yours to have.
"My way of decorating and creating is the pure translation of my many journeys. From where I have been to where I am going. It is a reflection of who I am and what I want to share with everyone else."
- Louise Manureva Barbé, founder of LAMITALOUISE.

logo Lamita Louise
Marrakech, keramiek, sunset
LAMITA by Louise Manureva Barbé
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